About Advanced Study Center (ASC)

Advance Studies Center is established in December 2005 by a group of researchers and registered as non-for-profit organizations in Albania in January 2006. Advanced Studies Centre mission is to contribute to the public debate and policy making by generation of sound and thoroughly on assessment and evaluation of social policies. Since the establishment ASC has build its various experience in providing its expertise on specific and very important issues such as:
1) Unpaid care work (the first study on this issue, conducted with the financial support of UN Women). This comprehensive study was carried out in participatory manner, collecting data and information from 10 (ten) municipalities in Albania, as well as service providers by civil society organizations. Concrete recommendations were drown by analyzing such data and information, and handed to local and central governments, thus increasing state institutions responsibility about provision of various social services that would support a more equal distribution of the care burden within the family.
2) Mapping of local statistics (a very important initiative, the first one piloted with the support of Austrian Development Cooperation);
3) Developing the national harmonized indicators (a very important collaboration with MoLSAEO);
4) Increasing transparency and accountability at local level, by using Gender Responsive Budgeting (this initiative was piloted in four municipalities in Albania – a training manual and other important tools were handed over to these municipalities, together with the assistance for making budgets more gender sensitive – the initiative was supported financially by UN Women). Work in the field and the cooperation with local authorities in all 10 cities led to the creation of a network of cooperation with the municipal departments responsible for the implementation of the GRB. ASC experts have served as local consultant for the GRB program, tasked with monitoring statistics by UN Women and have attended four training events that took place in four pilot regions selected for the implementation of the GRB, in the context of NSGE-DV implementation.
5) Land reform and women’s right properties (a very important intervention to make visible the need for addressing properly the women’s rights, the initiative was supported by World Bank).
6) Analyzes of strategies/policies from gender perspective (i.e the study on the Agriculture – the analyze of the existing strategy and policies on agriculture, and the preparation of a set of recommendation for the Ministry of Agriculture on how to improve the strategy and direct intervention from gender perspective – this initiative was supported by UN Women and was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Agriculture).
7) Assessment of policies/programs and budgets from gender perspective” (an intervention at Tirana Municipality with the support of UN Women, focused in the mid-term budget 2013-2015 and Social Services and Housing Program, aiming at providing a mapp of statistics in cooperation with public employees of this municipality and identifying the needs at local level Mini-Municipalities staff regarding the participatory meetings and participatory budgeting process from a gender perspective).
8) Since September 2015, ASC is working for the Implementation of Gender Action Plan of the Environmental Service Project. The project Gender Action Plan, as part of the Albania Environmental Services Project, will try to address the need to implement policies that do involve women equally as men in planning, implementing and evaluating processes, which contribute to their economic empowerment.