Address: “28 Nentori, nr 18, Tirana, Albania”


Ani PLAKU, Executive Director


Phone: 0692094137

She has been one of the main experts working for the implementation of Gender Responsive Budgeting and gender statistic program of UNIFEM/UNWomen in the Western Balkans. She conducted the first research “Unpaid Care work in Albania” with the scope to identify the needs and the policies at local level for the implementation of GRB and provided substantive and strategic inputs for improving data collection systems including surveys, censuses and statistics service systems, for enhancing their use in policy and development planning. The expert promoted research and in-depth analysis on women’s economic empowerment. The monitoring processes of the government by civil society in implementing gender equality policies and women’s and girl’s rights has been her priorities on providing expertise to Un Agencies and World Bank.

She undertook different researches on agriculture sector with special focus on gender issues. During these researches used analytics skill due to my experience with statistics and gender knowledge. She has worked in closed cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture to assess “National cross-cutting Strategy of rural development (2007-2013)” from gender perspective. She has been one of the main experts working for gender mainstreaming at local and national level.

The expert has experience as poverty expert during the conduction of Living Standards Measurement Survey supported by technical assistance of World  Bank. Throughout this period she has been involved in different projects between INSTAT and other national and/or international institutions mainly for poverty measurement indicators.

Ermira DANAJ, Expert

Mobile: +33 783488543

Address: Rue Duranton 35, 75015 Paris, France


Is a social sciences graduated from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She has worked since 2002 in various projects on gender, poverty and migration in Albania with various international and national organizations. During 2009-2012 she worked as lecturer of Feminist Theories at the European University of Tirana, Albania. She has participated widely in the Albanian print and TV media to promote women’s rights and denounce gender inequalities. She is co-author of various reports and publications about gender issues in Albania.  She possess advanced computer skills (Word Perfect, Excel, Databases, Powerpoint, etc.)  and speaks several languages (Albanian, French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish). 

She has been a Fulbright visiting scholar at the Departments of TCDS and Gender Studies, New School, New York (February – May 2013) and a visiting researcher at CIES, ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon (2013-2014). She  has completed her PhD studies at the Center for the Understanding of Social Processes (MAPS), University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, working on the topic of gender and migration in Albania. 

Ten years of expertise as lecturer and research on Sociology, Feminist Theories and Gender studies. More specifically her fields of research expertise focus on gender and migration, gender in communist and post-communist countries, LGBT issues, feminist mouvements and activism, gender and labour market, gender and politics, etc.

Monika KOCAQI, Expert

Mobile: 355 68 61 88 010


Rr. Elbasanit, p. Fratari

Tershana 2, K6/E, Tirana, ALBANIA

Fourteen years of highly positive experience on building partnership and successful collaboration with local government units (partnering with them in different issues related to gender equality, redress of discrimination and fight against gender based violence and domestic violence); key supporter on writing national reports, and action plans.

Excellent analytic and problem solving skills; excellent communication and interpersonal skills; ability to work in/with diverse groups/communities, etc. Monika has provided many written contribution in all above mentioned issues during her 17 years of experience.

Social worker by profession with Master Degree in Social Work and under PhD studies in the same field. Since September 2013 is working as Freelance Consultant. Seventeen years of experience on working with women human rights issues (at local, national and regional/international level). Seventeen years of experience as part-time Professor at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences (since 1999) and twelve years of experience as Lecturer at School of Magistrates (since 2004). For more than 10 years (November 2002 – August 2013), she has leaded successfully “Refleksione” Association, one of the oldest women’s NPOs in Albania, which works to create equal opportunities for women and men and redress discrimination against women and girls in economic and political spheres through research, information and experience exchange, training, services, networking, advocacy and lobbying. Sixteen years of experience as gender trainer (trained and specialized on gender issues since the year 2000 in the Netherlands, at “Gender and Development” Training Institute). Author and co-author of different training manuals, national platforms, national strategies, national/regional studies, researches, etc.

Excellent experience as national and international consultant in the issues of Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence as well as on Gender Responsive Budgeting in Albania, Kosovo, Belarus and Ukraine. Very familiar with the development of baseline studies and performance management framework, documenting the case studies and facilitating the consultations with a wide range of stakeholders including central and local government, youth, women associations, vulnerable groups, CSOs, etc.

Amanda MYFTARAGO, Project Assistant


Phone: 0694409445

Very good communication and organisative skills. Able to work in groups. Other skills: (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.) Very good working level of MS Word, Excel, SPSS, PowerPoint and Internet. Hobbies: psychological and philosophical books, movies. Foreign languages: Albanian: Very Good; English: Very Good; Italian: Elementary.

Studied Economics at University of Tirana. Worked as a volunteer at different NGOs in various field such as human rights, specially on children rights. Currently, she is working at ASC as logistic person on a project related with gender equality and environment.