Assessment of policies/programmes and budgets from Gender perspective – in the Municipality of Tirana

This project was to design to assess the budget activities from a gender perspective and to introduce to the mini municipalities of Tirana the concept of gender responsive budgeting in order to support it in the coming year 2014.
The objectives were:
1.Assessment of budget programs/activities of “Tirana Municipality 2012-2013” from a gender perspective.
2.Mapping of statistical system at regional level of sex-disaggregated data.
3.Beneficiary assessment.
4.Participatory meeting in order to reflect women needs into local budget of 2014 of Tirana Municipality.

Activity/ies implementation
The project team has achieved the results through the following methodology during the project implementation:
1.Preparation of the list with potential women’s and/or minority’s NGOs working on these mini-municipalities, and establishing needed contact with them in order to better ensure the participation of the targeted groups (through these organizations we identified also the community voices).
2.Preparation of the invitations for participating in these meetings (the invitation was sent out together with a general explanation of the importance of these meetings as well as the high importance of the citizens’ participation).
3.Preparation of the informative leaflet about the GRB. The preparation of this leaflet was very important and the team tried to put on it as much information as it was possible, but with a careful language, easier to be understood from different community’ groups. This was one of the crucial materials distributed during the meetings in the community.
4.Organizing the meetings. Here the main focus was to gather the priorities and needs of the participants, by firstly explaining to them what kind of issues can be addressed at local level, how the drafting of policies and budgets works, why is needed their voice, how will be addressed their needs and priorities as well as who will be responsible for making the transparency of the future steps of these participatory processes.
5.Setting up data generation and analysis infrastructure at Municipality of Tirana.
6.Preparation of the report with main finding from the data analyses.
Actual results of the project
The above activities were used in order to provide the following output:
1.Developing the model for gathering statistics.
2.Addressing the priorities of women.
We hope what we started will be further continued and the budgeting process for the year 2015, during the year 2014 will be organized in accordance with the law requirements and by using correctly the participatory tools.
The core team that worked on the implementation of this project consists of:
1.Mrs. Raimonda Duka (budget expert)
2.Mrs. Mimoza Agolli (statistician)
3.Mrs. Ani Plaku (gender expert)
4.Mrs. Monika Kocaqi (gender expert)

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