Gender responsive planning and budgeting of social services in the municipality of Tirana

ASC proposes to support Municipality of Tirana as follow up of project implementation during 2013 on assessing the local budget from a gender perspective by focusing specifically to the programme of Social Services and Housing. This second proposed intervention provides a continuation of activities which have been identified during our work in the mini-Municipalities. One of the main findings of our work was to provide training for local staff of Mini-Municipalities and to support the unit of Gender Equality in Tirana Municipality in order to mainstream gender into social policies. The scope of our proposal is analyze  specific the social services from a gender perspective in order to provide concrete policy and budget recommendations for improving their gender responsiveness. ASC experts will organized meetings at Mini-Municipalities with the main goal to attract staff opinion on key issues that need to be taken in consideration in the budget lines in order to provide better services for communities. More specifically it was intended to provoke discussions on the types of services offered to the community and as well as on the quality, efficiency, transparency and monitoring of these services / projects.

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